Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Check, check...mic check 1, 2...check. Ok, can everyone hear me? I'M BA-AAAACK! Yes, I missed you too much and decided to come back. What are we talking about? COLOR! I'm a busy girl so here's the plan...usually short, always sweet, sometimes random, the occasional misspelled word, and never dull. :)

So today, we're checking out the "new" ottomans in the design area. I say "new" because they are anything but. I decided to reupholster existing Coalesse ottomans in this awesome DesignTex fabric. Aren't the colors bold and oh so beautiful? The solid is...(wait for it)...wool! Its texture is to die for and the richness it adds to the pattern above is the best compliment. I for them! These are 2 of 4...(we also have an orange one)...and speaking of, the orange tower sitting next to the green...that's for a later post. Until then...

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  1. I...for one... am so glad you're back! Missed you! MUAH!!