Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Memories

Of all the memories that fill my head I think the bank marked "Christmas Memories" would be the largest. Every year I take a step back and look around me only to realize, once again, that I am so very blessed to be surrounded by so many loving faces. Every year is a little different than the year before but never the less, we are all together and we are all laughing and sharing and rejoicing in the season. I've included some of my oldest memories and like everything else they are different each year but each year they are present.

-Stockings...I've had my stocking as long as I can remember. Mom sewed my name on it (as she did with all of our stockings). She's a part of it just as she's a part of me.

-'Twas the Night Before Christmas'...Every year on Christmas Eve we all get into our pj's and lay around the appointed reader. We listen with wonder to the story of jolly St. Nick as if it's the first time we've heard it.

-The Tree...filled with Santa's wonders below. Yes, even though baby brother is now a teen and all of my sisters and I are in our 20's Santa still comes. It's the magic of Christmas and it still lives in all our hearts. Christmas Eve is the only night of the year that we leave the tree lit all night long. (How could Santa see to get around if we didn't?) I like to get up a little before dawn and lay on the sofa and look
at the gloriousness of it all. The tree gives off a soft glow of light that bounces from gift to gift and it still seems like magic that the presents are actually there. It is beautiful and for those few minutes before dawn I feel like I am 5 years old again and there is nothing in the world that could harm me because Mom and Dad are asleep in the next room and it is Christmas.

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