Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Friday and the sun is SHINING!

So I'm trying to rid myself of bad habits in order to live a happier, healthier life both personally and professionally. This week I decided to set some goals to get me started. The goals were...

1. Do not work overtime.
2. Do not miss deadlines.
3. Do not wear jeans to work.
4. Do not stress.
5. Do not eat out more than once.

I am very pleased to be entering Friday with all goals completed! Yay for me! This is my favorite outfit of the week. I had a challenging meeting and needed a little boost of confidence to get through it. I call this my powerfit as I feel professional and powerful every time I wear it. My friend, Ben, just happened to match that day so we snapped a picture with his iPhone. Don't we look good?! I feel like we should work in a bank. "Hello, how may we help you?" hah!

I've been searching the web for recipes lately as I am tired of my cookbook. May I suggest to everyone in the world to go to The Picky Palate. I've never made something from this chick that didn't turn out absolutely delicious. This weeks menu included the BBQ Chicken Crusted Smoked Cheddar Mac. It's a meal all by itself! I decided to go the easy route and use Gates BBQ sauce on the chicken.
And when I make it again (because I definitely will!) I will make more chicken than it calls for because it's just that good. Go ahead, splurge and buy the more expensive smoked will not regret it. And if you're trying to cut a few calories as I am, use skim milk. It's still a-ma-zing!

I took this picture from the website because I forgot to take a picture of my basically looked like this though. Thank you Picky Palate!

This morning I had 8:00am training for my favorite wood line.
Steelcase it! I kind of get excited about this product. (Check it's beautiful!) Anyway, that in itself was a fun way to start the day but I won this awesome new coffee mug and received a Sharpie pen too! I know, I know, you're probably thinking "Pa-lease Shannon, it's a cup and a pen." but these are extraordinary items! The mug is
porcelain white and is made in Europe. It's taller than most mugs and doesn't have a handle which, I suppose, would technically make it a cup and that is even more fun! The pièce de résistance of this baby is the brown, ribbed, rubber that wraps it. Hello Starbucks, that's hot! And the Sharpie...come on...who doesn't love Sharpies!? It's the Apple of the marker world and now they make pens as well. Rocks my world and work for that matter. I only wish I were back in college taking notes in American History. This pen would make even that enjoyable...I'm telling ya!

Oh and did I mention that the sun is shining. I ADORE the sun these days and although it's only 40 degrees outside a part of me wants to run home, put on my bathing suit and catch some rays. Weekend plans...I'm not sure but it's supposed to rain so I doubt they will be too exciting. I'm working up an Easter surprise for my brother in law that I might try out this weekend. And I've got a couple bolts of fabric that I've been itching to get creative with that I might play with. We'll see where the wind takes us. Hope your day brings you lots of joy! Cheers!

Oh, and I apologize for the semi-poor quality of the was point and shoot or nothing. I knew you'd understand!

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