Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Life Update!

Oh blogworld...it has been too long. TOO LONG. Where does the time go? Really...has it really been since 02/22 since we talked last? So here's a quick catch up to life.

1. I'm an aunt!!! Baby D (here on out known as Baby H) was born on Feb. 26th and it was love at first sight. She's absolutely adorable, incredible, unbelievable, lovable, wonderful, etc, etc, etc! She makes me giggle every.single.time I look at her. And Sister D and Mr. D are doing wonderful as parents. I am oh so very proud of them. Introducing...Baby H!

Check out these eyes...

Doesn't Mama look good!?

Daddy's in love...

Look at this little stinker!

2. I am a year older!!! Yes, I turned 27 yesterday. Happy Birthday to me! I gave up sweets for lent but God doesn't mind if you break it on Sundays so Sister D, Mr. D, Mr. C and I had some chocolate after our photo shoot with Baby H. Lot's of chocolate. Put me in a coma on the floor of the nursery amounts of chocolate. It was delicious. Beyond the chocolate, 27 was definitely my toughest birthday yet. I am no longer in my early-20's or even my mid-20's. I am now in my late 20's. After crying like a baby reading some ever-so-sweet birthday cards I vowed that I would rock this year! 26 had some pretty amazing surprises so I can't wait to see what 27 has in store.

In other news...our clocks have sprung forward and Spring should be on it's way. Lot's of upcoming fun to be had. Stay tuned!

Happy Tuesday to you all!

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  1. Shannon, I just can't get over how amazing your pics of Baby H turned out! You have such a talent!! Also, happy birthday again! Glad to hear you were able to indulge a little! :P