Monday, February 22, 2010

Discouraged Monday

I am very discouraged today and finding it rather difficult to sit in my seat. In an attempt to make the day go faster I've been prancing around online checking out photographers. Is it possible that you can see too much of other peoples work? I now feel like I have no shot at my dreams. I mean, these people are amazing! The clarity and color and composition of each and every one of them...beautiful! How on earth can I even hope to compare?

I'm looking forward to this evening as it will bring some Rockchalk action my way. woop-woop! And just as I hoped blogging is making the day a little better. Blogging = Happiness

Here are a few random pictures from around my apartment. I find lots of truth in my photography journal today...Design is Impatient. Yes it is. Love you all!

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