Friday, February 19, 2010

it's never too late to spread the Love

So, I know vday has come and gone but I thought I'd dedicate a post to it anyway. I'm not a huge fan of vday. While I Love the sentiment I think it's little silly. 'Love me more on this day' Why? Why not Love me more and more everyday? I do Love taking red and pink and white construction paper and making my own valentine's...that is probably my favorite. That along with decorating sugar cookies. Mmm...Love me some sugar cookies.

This vday season was exceptionally full of the Love. Love each other, Love your neighbor, Love those who don't get enough Love from others. As community service my work friends and I made vday cookies and cards with the kids at Synergy to give to the Ronald McDonald House. This was such a great way to spread the Love. And I felt the Love in return. (Partially because my Love gave up his time to come along and spread some vday joy. Have I ever mentioned that my Love is wonderful? Well he is.) Mmm...Love me long time.

On the actual vday my Love and I had a wonderful day of goal setting, cozy couch time, cooking, and wine. I couldn't help but grab my camera and snap a few shots. I totally recommend Cupcake Vineyard. This was the first time I tried it and I have to admit that I chose it partially because of the pretty label (the way I choose most wines). It exceeded my expectations though. It was smooth and full of flavor. Mmm...Love me some wine.

So, I may change my opinion of vday. Especially if vdays to come can all be this Lovely...

Below are a few pics...enjoy!

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  1. Aawww! May I just say I "LOVE" this blog! :) As you know I've always been a sap when it comes to VDay so I'm glad to see you changing your tune a bit! Looks like your day was wonderful, and I have to point out that I, too, tend to choose things based on their pretty labels, LOL! Great photos, can't wait for you to take mine in just a few short weeks! AAHHH what to wear?! ;)